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California LightWorks Modernizes the Greenhouse and Indoor Horticulture Industries with a New Generation of Intelligent Spectrum Grow Lights


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–California LightWorks, a leading U.S. manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting, today announced SolarSystem, a new cost effective line of smart spectrum grow lights. By leveraging the latest advances in solid state LED lighting and control technology, SolarSystem delivers an optimized light spectrum based on the type of plant and phase of growth. This results in lower energy costs, better yields and faster returns on investment.

“Since 2008, we have been manufacturing LED horticulture lights here in the United States,” said George Mekhtarian, Chief Executive Officer of California LightWorks. “Having R&D and manufacturing stateside allows us to accelerate the product innovation cycle and deliver high performance, high quality products at reduced costs.”

Older generation High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights have a fixed spectrum that’s not optimized for growing plants. HID light fixtures are also inefficient and require costly bulb replacements.

Designed for both indoor grow operations and green houses, SolarSystem offers the perfect combination of high power LEDs and state of the art lighting controls to deliver the highest efficiency and highest yields on the market.

“After exhaustive testing we have determined that the SolarSystem manufactured by California LightWorks is a great option for our customers from small to large size,” said Benoit Goessens, Executive Vice President of Hydrofarm, Inc. “The controller option makes it one of the most versatile and user friendly light systems on the market.”

The SolarSystem’s robust and cost effective design makes it ideal for large volume operations that want to retrofit their HPS or old generation LED setups. This new lighting system features intelligent spectrum controls that can be automatically programmed for an unlimited variety of crops and growing situations – can be integrated with light sensors for optimal daylight harvesting.

SolarSystem lights are UL listed, made in California and carry a five-year warranty. They’re available for purchase directly from California LightWorks or from any authorized Hydrofarm retailer.

About California LightWorks

California LightWorks is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of LED lighting systems serving the indoor horticulture industry. California LightWorks, was founded in 2008 by engineer George Mekhtarian and has a dozen employees focusing on research, design, and manufacturing of advanced and efficient greenhouse lighting and automation equipment. In 2012, the company released its SolarStorm® lights for small-scale grow operations looking to utilize high potency LED grow lights. This year, it launched its UL listed SolarSystem® LED lighting system to serve large scale commercial grow operations.

SolarStorm® and SolarSystem® are registered trademarks of MWW Inc. d.b.a California LightWorks.

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