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Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

[Case Study] New Greenhouse LED Grow Lights at Harborside Farms

Greenhouse LED grow lights are no longer a nice-to-have feature for today’s greenhouse grower. In order to compete in a fast-advancing industry,

California LightWorks Affiliate Program

How to Join the California LightWorks Affiliate Program?

We’re proud to announce the new California LightWorks Affiliate Program! This program is our effort to show appreciation for those who use their…

Indoor Grow Light Plan

How Do I Create a Successful Indoor Grow Light Plan?

If you are thinking about installing new lighting or upgrading your lights in an indoor commercial grow, a successful indoor grow light…

Osram LEDs

Why California LightWorks Only Uses Osram LEDs

At California LightWorks, we exclusively use Osram LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) on all our SolarSystem® and GH Pro series fixtures. Osram has long…

California LightWorks Team

Meet the California LightWorks Team

The California LightWorks team has become an industry-leading crew for one simple reason: They are passionate about providing real, meaningful solutions to indoor…

Germicidal Light

How to Use SaniPure UVC™ 15 Germicidal Light

Whether you purchased a SaniPure UVC 15 germicidal light or you’re just looking into it, we can give you some guidance on…

Successful Greenhouse Light Plan

How Do I Create a Successful Greenhouse Light Plan?

If you are thinking about installing new supplemental lighting or upgrading lighting in a greenhouse, you need a successful greenhouse light plan….

LED Grow Lights Wholesale

LED Grow Lights Wholesale Program by California LightWorks

California LightWorks has always been proud to work with LED grow lights wholesale partners around the world. We have active wholesalers throughout the…


How COVID-19 Affects the Greenhouse Industry

Hundreds of industries confront new challenges as the coronavirus pandemic spreads, and the greenhouse industry is no different. We know greenhouse growers are bound…