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Heat in a grow tent

How to Minimize Heat in a Grow Tent

There is a science to maintaining consistent heat in a grow tent. If you’re struggling with overheating or fluctuating temperatures, you’re not the…


Get a Utility Rebate by Using LEDs Instead of HPS Lighting

With the latest advancements in horticultural technology, many growers would rather use LEDs instead of HPS lighting. High quality LED lights are

California LED Requirements

Will There be New California LED Requirements for Growers?

Cannabis growers all over the state are trying to make sense of the possible new California LED Requirements. The California Statewide Codes and Standards…

Soil vs Hydro

Soil vs. Hydro: Which is Better for Indoor Growing?

The decision between soil vs. hydro may be one of the most challenging choices you face as an…

upgrade LED Grow Lights

How Do You Know When to Upgrade LED Grow Lights?

Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your LED grow lights? This is a question all growers face eventually. Perhaps you initially set up your…

Hour Rating

What Does LED Hour Rating Tell You About Lamp Life?

If you’re in the market for grow lights, you’ve probably come across many manufacturers boasting about their LED hour rating. You…

Vertical Farming Lighting

The Cost of Growing Upward: Multilevel Farming Lighting & More

As a grow light manufacturer, we answer a lot of questions about multilevel farming lighting systems….

Greenhouse Electrical Design

6 Essential Greenhouse Electrical Design Considerations

Your greenhouse electrical design should consider not just your immediate needs, but also long-term goals. You need to be equipped for expansion—if that’s…

Greenhouse Temperature

How Do You Maintain Greenhouse Temperature?

An optimized, consistent greenhouse temperature is essential for healthy grows. The wrong temperature can compromise your humidity levels, cause your plants to stretch,…