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Ladydank's LED grow light setup

The Grower’s Corner – Introducing “Lady Dank” and Her SolarStorm 220

One of the many things that’s truly rewarding for us as a company is seeing the results…

Banner: fluorescent vs LEDs

The Hot Debate: Fluorescent vs. LED Grow Lights?

One of the hottest topics currently in the horticultural DIY lighting industry is Fluorescent vs LED grow lights for…

1000 watt HPS lights

Grower’s 2 lb High-Quality Flower LED Yield Rivals A 1000 Watt HPS Yield

While commercial LED grow lights are gaining wide-spread popularity in the Cannabis cultivation community due to…

growing with led lights

Tips & Tricks: Best Practices for Growing with LEDs

How and Where to Position My LightingLighting is one of the most important…