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State Of The Lighting Market

The State Of The Lighting Market: What The Numbers Tell Us

Since 2016, the Cannabis Business Times has published a “State of the Lighting Market” report. The study uses a…

Cannabis Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

Cannabis Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

The cannabis market is changing fast. With legalization on the rise and possible reforms pending, 2021 and 2022 are…

White Light

White Light Theory – Debunking one of Growing’s Biggest Myths

Growing with “white light” is a trend that’s been rising of late, at least in grower-targeted marketing, with proponents…


Your Guide From HID to LED Grow Lights

We have talked before about the benefits of LED lighting over HIDs, and in recent years  we have…

LED Optics

LED Optics: What You Need To Know

Every light source requires an optic to work properly. According to Architecture Magazine, a compact fluorescent lamp can…

Light Plans

Your Guide To Light Plans

Light plans have become an important tool in the LED lighting industry in recent years. When designing your grow…

LED Drivers

How To Choose Drivers For Your LEDs

When you are first learning about LED technology, drivers can be among the most confusing aspects of light…

Best IP Rating For LED Grow Lights

The Best IP Rating For Your LED Grow Lights

Grow rooms can become dirty and wet easily, which can put your light fixtures at risk of  damage.

Types of LED Lights

What Are The Types Of LED Lights?

The goal for any grow light is to provide adequate light intensity for your plants at each grow stage….

LED Beam Angles

Your Guide To LED Beam Angles

For new growers especially, an LED light’s beam angle can feel like a complicated concept – especially when parsing…