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Where’s California Lightworks Headed to Next?

Your favorite LED grow light manufacturers are headed to a few events this May! Cannagrow 2016

People around HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2016 San Bernardino Recap!

HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2016 San Bernardino Recap! (Meet Our Team)

We had the privilege of attending the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup held in San Bernardino this year and it…

Banner: SolarStorm 220 giveaway winner

California Lightworks Announces the Winner of the SolarStorm 220 Giveaway!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the staff at California Lightworks with all these AMAZING trade shows….

Banner: Meet the team at cannacon

California Lightworks Will Be @CannaCon 2016

Where will the event be held!? Come out and visit our exhibit booth at CannaCon this year in…

Banner: Show Us the Goods

Introducing the Grower’s Corner!

What is the Grower’s Corner? The Grower’s Corner is a weekly segment that takes place on the CA…

Banner: Join Us at Cannabis Cup 2016

California LightWorks at The Cannabis Cup San Bernardino 2016

Come see our exhibit booth at Cannabis Cup San Bernardino over two weekends, January 30th…

California Lightworks In The March Issue Of Maximum Yield!

See our full page ad showcasing our new generation SolarStorm and SolarFlare LED Grow Lights in the March 2014…