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Get a Utility Rebate by Using LEDs Instead of HPS Lighting

With the latest advancements in horticultural technology, many growers would rather use LEDs instead of HPS lighting. High quality…

California LED Requirements

Will There be New California LED Requirements for Growers?

Cannabis growers all over the state are trying to make sense of the possible new California LED Requirements. The California…

California LightWorks Affiliate Program

How to Join the California LightWorks Affiliate Program?

We’re proud to announce the new California LightWorks Affiliate Program! This program is our effort to show appreciation for…

California LightWorks Team

Meet the California LightWorks Team

The California LightWorks team has become an industry-leading crew for one simple reason: They are passionate about providing real,…

LED Grow Lights Wholesale

LED Grow Lights Wholesale Program by California LightWorks

California LightWorks has always been proud to work with LED grow lights wholesale partners around the world. We have…


How COVID-19 Affects the Greenhouse Industry

Hundreds of industries confront new challenges as the coronavirus pandemic spreads, and the greenhouse industry is no different. We know…

SolarSystem 1100 Performs Against Other Grow Lights

[Review] How the SolarSystem 1100 Performs Against Other Grow Lights?

I am on a mission to find the best grow light (This is a review by https://growingmarijuanaperfectly.com). Over…

Supplemental Greenhouse LED Lighting

Everything You Need to Know About the Greenhouse Pro 340

It is no secret that supplemental LED grow lighting is the best choice for greenhouse growers hoping to…

SolarSystem® 1100 UVB

SolarSystem® 1100 UVB Named #1 Grow Lamp on Ezvid Wiki!

We are thrilled to announce that our SolarSystem® 1100 UVB has been named the #1 Grow Lamp…

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

California Lightworks Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal!

That’s right – your team at California Lightworks had the privilege of being featured in the