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Soil vs Hydro

Soil vs. Hydro: Which is Better for Indoor Growing?

The decision between soil vs. hydro may be one of the most challenging choices…

upgrade LED Grow Lights

How Do You Know When to Upgrade LED Grow Lights?

Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your LED grow lights? This is a question all growers face eventually. Perhaps you…

Hour Rating

What Does LED Hour Rating Tell You About Lamp Life?

If you’re in the market for grow lights, you’ve probably come across many manufacturers boasting about their…

Vertical Farming Lighting

The Cost of Growing Upward: Multilevel Farming Lighting & More

As a grow light manufacturer, we answer a lot of questions about…

Greenhouse Electrical Design

6 Essential Greenhouse Electrical Design Considerations

Your greenhouse electrical design should consider not just your immediate needs, but also long-term goals. You need to be…

Greenhouse Temperature

How Do You Maintain Greenhouse Temperature?

An optimized, consistent greenhouse temperature is essential for healthy grows. The wrong temperature can compromise your humidity levels, cause…

Osram LEDs

Why California LightWorks Only Uses Osram LEDs

At California LightWorks, we exclusively use Osram LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) on all our SolarSystem® and GH Pro series…

Germicidal Light

How to Use SaniPure UVC™ 15 Germicidal Light

Whether you purchased a SaniPure UVC 15 germicidal light or you’re just looking into it, we can give…

energy efficiency in lighting

How Can Growers Improve Energy Efficiency in Lighting?

A whopping 72% of growers place energy efficiency in lighting as a top priority in grow light purchasing decisions….

Blue and Red LED Lights

Can You Use Any Blue and Red LED Lights to Grow Plants?

You’ve done your research on color spectrum for plant cultivation. You know blue light is essential for…