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Greenhouse Vs. Indoor Cultivation

Growing At Scale: Greenhouse Vs. Indoor Cultivation

For a long time, many growers – and buyers – operated under the assumption that plants grown indoors had…

Low, Medium, and High-Powered LEDs

Low, Medium, And High-Powered LEDs: What’s The Difference?

LED lights are classified in myriad ways on the marketplace, including in accordance with how much electricity they consume….

Spectrum Control vs Fixed Spectrum

Spectrum Control vs Fixed Spectrum: Which is Right for Me?

Trying to make the tough decision between spectrum control vs fixed spectrum LED grow lights? For many growers, this decision…


How Do We Rate the Efficiency of an LED or HID Bulb?

LED or HID fixture? This is a common question among growers, whether a gardener is

Harborside Farms LED Grow

Growing Outdoors vs. Indoors: Optimized Cultivation

The debate over growing outdoors vs. indoors is still going strong. Those growers lucky enough to have…

Blue and Red LED Lights

Can You Use Any Blue and Red LED Lights to Grow Plants?

You’ve done your research on color spectrum for plant cultivation. You know blue light is essential for…

SolarSystem Series Replaces SolarStorm

SolarSystem Series Replaces SolarStorm LED Grow Lights

We at California Lightworks are still very proud of our SolarStorm series LEDs. These powerful LED grow lights have…

Grow Lights Comparison

The Ultimate Grow Lights Comparison Guide

Need a reliable grow lights comparison guide? Whether you’re setting up a home grow room or a large…

What is the Difference Between White LEDs Vs. Variable Spectrum LEDs?

As LED grow light technology advances, growers have more options than ever….

HPS vs. LED Case Study

[Case Study] Swell Farms HPS vs. LED Grow Lights

Regularly recognized by Leafly as the top dispensary in Arizona, Swell Farmacy…