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California Lightworks

Pest Management

Pest Management And Prevention

Pests are an inevitable part of both indoor and outdoor growing, so having a pest management plan…


Introducing MegaDrive™ Greenhouse Lighting Technology

Supplemental lighting is a key component of any greenhouse, and our goal at California Lightworks is to provide…

chemical profile of a plant

Is it possible to change the chemical profile of a plant by changing the light spectrum?

A plant’s chemical composition affects everything from the taste to the color to the fragrance. Many growers…

Spectrum Control vs Fixed Spectrum

Spectrum Control vs Fixed Spectrum: Which is Right for Me?

Trying to make the tough decision between spectrum control vs fixed spectrum LED grow lights? For many growers, this decision…

grow setup

What is the Right Number of Plants for My Grow Setup?

“How many plants can I fit into this particular grow setup?” We hear this question a…


How Do We Rate the Efficiency of an LED or HID Bulb?

LED or HID fixture? This is a common question among growers, whether a gardener is

Harborside Farms LED Grow

Growing Outdoors vs. Indoors: Optimized Cultivation

The debate over growing outdoors vs. indoors is still going strong. Those growers lucky enough to have…

light spectrum shift

Does Light Spectrum Shift as LED and HID Grow Lights Age?

Light spectrum shift is an extremely important consideration for any grower weighing their grow light options. Unfortunately, spectral shift…

Heat in a grow tent

How to Minimize Heat in a Grow Tent

There is a science to maintaining consistent heat in a grow tent. If you’re struggling with overheating or fluctuating…


Get a Utility Rebate by Using LEDs Instead of HPS Lighting

With the latest advancements in horticultural technology, many growers would rather use LEDs instead of HPS lighting. High quality…