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winter growing

Winter Growing Tips

As the weather gets colder, your plants will be affected by changes in temperature. Growing during the winter months…

California Lightworks Featured Grower

Matt Soltesz: The California Lightworks Featured Grower For October

It is with great pleasure to announce our first winner of our California Lightworks Featured Grower series.

end of flower cycle

Does it help to use only blue light at the end of flower cycle?

The end of the flower cycle may be toward the end of the growth cycle, but that does not…

different spectrums

Is it possible to change the way plants grow by using different spectrums?

When it comes to light, different spectrums can have a major impact on plants. They change everything…

Pest Management

Pest Management And Prevention

Pests are an inevitable part of both indoor and outdoor growing, so having a pest management plan…


Introducing MegaDrive™ Greenhouse Lighting Technology

Supplemental lighting is a key component of any greenhouse, and our goal at California Lightworks is to provide…

chemical profile of a plant

Is it possible to change the chemical profile of a plant by changing the light spectrum?

A plant’s chemical composition affects everything from the taste to the color to the fragrance. Many growers…

Spectrum Control vs Fixed Spectrum

Spectrum Control vs Fixed Spectrum: Which is Right for Me?

Trying to make the tough decision between spectrum control vs fixed spectrum LED grow lights? For many growers, this decision…

grow setup

What is the Right Number of Plants for My Grow Setup?

“How many plants can I fit into this particular grow setup?” We hear this question a…


How Do We Rate the Efficiency of an LED or HID Bulb?

LED or HID fixture? This is a common question among growers, whether a gardener is