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Four Factors To Consider When Choosing LED Greenhouse Lights

Light is a limiting factor in greenhouses in the winter. Supplemental lighting can often offset the effects of darker, shorter days….

featured grower

Rosin Blossom: The California Lightworks Featured Grower

We are excited to announce this month’s featured grower is Rosin Blossom! We love hearing our dedicated growers share their success…

Why The Grow Lights Market Is Growing Faster Than Ever

The agricultural industry has been changing fast – and especially over the last year. This is in part due to the…

Why The Demand For LED Lighting Is Growing In Horticulture

The global horticulture lighting industry is growing. According to a study by MarketDigits released at the…

Xotics Cultivation

[Case Study] Xotics Cultivation – MegaDrive™ Greenhouse Lighting Technology

Xotics Cultivation in Lompoc, California got its start operating with a typical single level HPS grow operation. While they had seen success with…

UVB light

How To Use UVB Light To Your Advantage

Variable-spectrum LED lights present growers with the opportunity to have control over their plants, tailoring everything from smell to taste to…

Glass House Farms

[Case Study] Glass House Farms – MegaDrive™ Greenhouse Lighting Technology

Even when natural conditions are optimal, supplemental lighting can improve your overall yield. This was something Glass House Farms of Carpinteria, CA discovered…

island breeze

[Case Study] Island Breeze Ranch – MegaDrive™ Greenhouse Lighting Technology

Renovating an old building for any purposes is always tough – especially when it comes to dealing with the complexities of installing lighting….

leaf browning

Leaf Browning: What Is It And How To Prevent It

Leaf browning is almost always a sign something isn’t right with your plants. Browning usually starts at the tips and can spread inward…